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Solen 0.82mfd Fast Capacitors 630v PPE Series Metallized Polypropylene, 0.0001ohms DF, 15mm D x 25mm L. 0.82uf
Product Specifications
Manufacturer SOLEN
Summary 0.82mfd 630v, 0.0001ohms DF, 15mm D x 25mm L (0.82uf)
General Information Type : Metallized Film Capacitor. Dielectric : Polypropylene Film. Electrodes : Aluminum Metallized, Vacuum Deposited. Construction : Round Tubular "Square Aspect Ratio" Type, Axial Leads. Winding : Bifilar Extended Metallized Film. Contact : Non-Inductive, Zinc Thermally Sprayed Extended Film. Coating : Black Plastic Tape Wrapped, Grey Epoxy Resin Sealed. Leads : Tinned Plated Oxygen Free Pure Copper.
Features Special Tubular "Square Aspect Ratio" Type Construction. High Conductivity Metallization. Soldered Lead Termination. High Current Capacity. High Frequency and Temperature Stability. Excellent Long Term Electrical and Mechanical Reliability. No Short Term and / or Long Term Signal Aberration. Unrivaled Handling of Fast High Current Pulse.
Electrical Performance Very Low Dielectric Absorption Factor. Very Low Equivalent Series Resistance. Very Low Inductance. Very High Resonant Frequency. Ultra Linear Impedance Characteristics. Very Low Dissipation Factor. Very High Insulation Resistance.


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