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Audio Groups

A.M.A. Montreal Audiophiles Association
A.S.A. The Acoustical Society of America diffuses the knowledge of acoustics and promotes its practical applications.
AudioWeb Dedicated to be the resource for the online community of individuals andcompanies who love audio.
A.E.S. Audio Engineering Society Your Link To The Audio Industry Of The Future.
Audiolit A general interest commercial site.
Podium fuer Lautsprecherselbstbau German loudspeaker D.I.Y. page

Special Interest Groups

FaradNet A Worldwide Capacitor Resource
Audio Review Audio Product reviews by consumers, Audio discussion group, Used EquipmentMarketplace.
Hiend Audio a DIY site on self made audio systems; tubes, silicon, schematics, tips …
Songwriting Consultants, Ltd. Songwriting Consultant and also a Songwriters Collaboration Network.
Audio Holics Audio discussion group.
AudioAtrium Audio discussion forum (Mostly French).
Enceinte Hi Fi Informational website on Hi-Fi speakers, loudspeakers and home cinema.
My Audio Sound Audio Equipment review website, UK based.
All About Circuits They are an extremely active electrical engineering online community that provides both interesting content and useful resources for Electrical Engineers.
Music Instruments Center Audio Equipment and music instruments review website.


Quebec Audio The Hi-Fi magazine reaching the french canadian market.
Son et Image The Son et Image magazine reaching the french canadian market.
AudioXpress The AudioXpress magazine.

Design Software

Harristech Bass-Box & X-over Software.
True Audio Loudspeaker Simulation Software for Windows and Macintosh.

Online Design Software

Custom Car Stereo Online X-over calculator.


Madisound Distributor of Audio related products.
Meniscus Distributor of Audio related products.
Parts Connexion Distributor of Audio related products.
RR Audio Laboratory Manufacturer of high resolution loudspeaker systems.
Visaton Visaton Loudspeaker drive unit manufacturer.
Pro Acoustics USA Producers of the finest speakers for commercial and residential applications.
Morel, inc. Morel Loudspeaker drive unit & cabinet manufacturer.
Audiogon Online auction of new & used audio products.
Speaker City USA Distributor of Audio related products.
ATC Loudspeaker Technology Ltd. Manufacturer of ATC studio monitors and drive units.
Audio Technology Skanning Loudspeaker drive unit manufacturer.
Seas Seas Loudspeaker drive unit manufacturer.
Volt Loudspeakers Ltd. Volt Loudspeaker drive unit manufacturer.(Radial Technology)
Tymphany American/Danish Consortium that owns Peerless, Scan-Speak & Vifa.
Danish Audio Connect Stepped audio atenuators manufacturer.
Tetra Speakers Award-winning high-end loudspeakers.
Totem Acoustic Excellent loudspeaker manufacturer.
Vintages Hi-Fi Website dedicated to major appliances and brands who participated in the boom of high fidelity.
Fostex Fostex Fullrange Loudspeaker drive unit manufacturer.
Hammond Manufacturing Transformer and Enclosures Manufacturer.
Antique Electronic Supply Electronics Parts Supplier.
Mouser Electronics Electronics Parts Supplier.
Aurasound Aurasound Neo Radial Technology driver Manufacturer.
Eton Eton driver Manufacturer.
Linkwitz Labs Design and consultation in electro-acoustics. Detailed DIY designs.
Talco Electronics Talco Electronics is a leader in providing RV satellites and RV satellite accessories.
Imprint Audio Imprint Audio is a new company that is quickly building it’s reputation in the audio world. There single passion is audio design.
Electro Mike Find all your necessary electronic parts in the Quebec city region.
SAC Thailand Thailand Tube Amplifier Manufacturer, also a Solen Capacitor Dealer.