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New Metalized Silver Capacitors

Solen has some new Silver Metallized Polypropylene capacitors:

Available values:

AGM100 => 1.0mfd 700vdc 12mm X 38mm
AGM150 => 1.5mfd 700vdc 14mm X 38mm
AGM200 => 2.0mfd 700vdc 16mm X 38mm
AGM270 => 2.7mfd 700vdc 19mm X 38mm
AGM330 => 3.3mfd 700vdc 20mm X 38mm
AGM390 => 3.9mfd 700vdc 22mm X 38mm
AGM470 => 4.7mfd 700vdc 24mm X 38mm
AGM560 => 5.6mfd 700vdc 26mm X 38mm
AGM680 => 6.8mfd 700vdc 29mm X 38mm
AGM820 => 8.2mfd 700vdc 32mm X 38mm
AGM1000 => 10mfd 700vdc 35mm X 38mm

New Metallized Teflon™ FEP capacitors

Solen has some new Metallized Teflon™ FEP capacitors:

Available values:

3Q220N => .22mfd 1000vdc 11mm X 40mm
3Q330N => .33mfd 1000vdc 13mm X 40mm
3Q470N => .47mfd 1000vdc 15mm X 40mm
3Q680N => .68mfd 1000vdc 18mm X 40mm
3Q820N => .82mfd 1000vdc 20mm X 40mm
3Q1U0 => 1.0mfd 1000vdc 22mm X 40mm
3Q2U2 => 2.2mfd 1000vdc 32mm X 40mm
3Q3U3 => 3.3mfd 1000vdc 39mm X 40mm
3Q4U7 => 4.7mfd 1000vdc 47mm X 60mm
3Q6U8 => 6.8mfd 1000vdc 56mm X 60mm
3Q8U2 => 8.2mfd 1000vdc 61mm X 60mm
3Q10U => 10mfd 1000vdc 68mm X 60mm